Plant engineering technologies

Surface treatment and finishing systems are Omsa’s true area of specialisation. These are the systems with which the company has conquered world markets, transferring technologies and know-how from one sector to another. Omsa’s systems – for washing, zinc-flake application, painting, decoration, fluid bed coating, coil painting and electro-galvanisation – have achieved outstanding results in production. Giovanni Sala, who founded the company in Besana Brianza in the late ’60s and still owns it, was ahead of his times in his orientation toward customer satisfaction. Sala developed a very efficient industry ready to respond to the most sophisticated plant engineering requirements. To guarantee the utmost efficiency, the company is divided into six sections, each with its own leader, according to the type of plant developed. The level of quality achieved has made Omsa a world leader in the home appliances industry, producing component finishing lines for Bosch, Whirlpool, Candy, and other well-known appliance manufacturers. Omsa now exports about 60% of its production, and has managed to keep its sales volumes steady even in the past three years. The company’s technical office – with a staff of eight engineers and specialised technicians – is led by Giovanni Sala, still the centre of the company’s technological creativity. The company’s strength is based on its “enthusiasm for seeking ever-new paths in the constant search for processes for improving production”.

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